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High-end mastering

For hi-end Analog Mastering you are at the right address. We specialize in online mastering but of course you are most welcome for an attended mastering session. Our mastering facility is equipped with bespoke digital and analog gear such as the Sontec EQ, Fairman TMEQ, Knif Vari Mu II and a mint Neumann VMS70 Cutting lathe. Misjah van der Heiden, our mastering engineer, has been working as a professional audio engineer for over 30 years. Some services we offer are:

  • 24 Hour Rush
  • Cutting High Quality 14” Master Lacquers and 10”,12” DJ dubplates
  • CD Mastering and DDP
  • Stem Mastering
  • Online and Attended Mastering
  • Mixdown
  • Audio Restoration
  • Embedding Subcodes
  • Free Mastering Demo
  • Free DDP player
  • Free Mixdown Tips

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